Land Details

Size: More than 10 acres, usable land around 6 acres
Cost: Land + Stamp Duty + Planner fee + all required reports – around 1.4 Mil
Offer: Accepted and land under offer subject to council approval
Location: Baldivis

Current Status

Preparing Application for Council Approval
Settlement: May/June 2022

Project time line

We aim to Build a Multipurpose hall ( Bala alayam) in 2 years from registration. Whole project including main temple will be aimed to be completed in 5 years from Registration. Expected cost around 5 million.


We are aiming to buy land outright. As it is rural land, we are unlikely to get any Bank loan. As we understand Government grants are not for purchasing Land for Place of Worship TTD doesn’t donate funds for Land. Can provide other material support we shall pursue at appropriate time.

Are Donations tax deductible?

No. In Australia we cannot have DGR (tax deductible status) for place of worship. Other organizations doing It? We can’t comment on others but it is not legal to raise funds under DGR status for place of worship.

How much have you already raised?

We have raised around $750,000 already. (~300 Founding Members so far)

Do you accept Loans from Donors?

With pleasure. We are accepting minimum of $10,000 as interest free loan for this project. We aim to return the principal amount in 7-10 years.

Donation Campaign

Reach out to all contacts in next 6 weeks for 1000x 1000 campaign
BSB: 306 188
AC: 0361242
Ref: JSBT “Your mobile Number”

What is proposed (Facilities)